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Silver Lake College Presents Lovenotes™: Music for the Unborn Child

October 18, 2010

Sister Lorna Zemke of the Silver Lake College Department of Music faculty will conduct a five-week session of Lovenotes™: Music for the Unborn Child, beginning on Wednesday, November 10th and continuing for 5 consecutive weeks. The class is open to all expectant parents, and starts at 6:15 P.M. at the college. Classes are 45 minutes in length and both parents are encouraged but not required to attend.

Dr. Lorna Zemke, author of this unique concept of prenatal development, explains that the Lovenotes™ classes are not designed to develop “Little Mozarts”, but are meant to enrich the life of the unborn child. Pregnant moms and dads will find the quiet, contemplative moments and the uplifting musical exercises both relaxing and stimulating. By this early communication with their unborn child, parents begin to build a mutually beneficial life-long relationship.

The nine months between conception and birth are vitally important to the emotional, social and physical development of a child. The most important contribution parents can make to the total well-being of their child is to clearly communicate before and after birth that he or she is wanted, cared about and loved. This is what the Lovenotes™ program is designed to achieve.

The five-week course is a small investment of time needed to teach pregnant parents how to use the language of music to communicate love and reassurance to their unborn child. Preregistration is necessary; please call the SLC Department of Music at 686-6173.