Silver Lake College to Host Alumni Weekend

May 17, 2010

Silver Lake College, as part of its 75th Anniversary Celebration, will host its  Alumni Weekend, June 11 – June 13.  Alumni Weekend is designed to give alumni, friends, current and retired faculty and staff a chance to gather at the campus, reminiscence about their college memories and participate in a variety of activities designed specifically with their interests in mind. 

The schedule of events features many activities including an Alumni Choir, an Alumni Art Exhibit, Historical Campus Walk, Clare Hall Tours, Holy Family Convent Tours, Awards Dinner, and a special feature called “Alumni College”.

The Alumni College is a series of 1 hour classes held on Saturday, June 12th taught by Silver Lake College Faculty and Alumni.  These classes are designed with Life-Long Learners in mind and are free and open to the public. 

Topics Include:

  • Hey – Are You Going to Eat That?

If you have ever wanted to learn about which mushrooms in the woods are delicious and which are destructive (to your kidneys), come see this multimedia presentation where there will be works of art and poetry, mushrooms to taste, and delightful prizes.

  • Understanding the Bible

How do you reconcile the contradictions in the Bible? Is Scripture meant to be read literally? Learn how to read Scripture with Sister Francette.

  • Your Family Kneads Bread

Making bread is easier than you think, and it’s a great way to spend time with your children or grandchildren. Come learn how!

  • Digital Photo Editing

Experiment with free photo-editing software so that you can enhance your pictures without paying for expensive software. (limit 12 participants)

  • Discrepant Events

Put on your lab coat, and predict what you think will happen in this scientific experiment!

  • Living in the Solar and Sustainable Home You Already Own

Learn how you can adapt and adjust your home and lifestyle to living more sustainably and economically. Julie Mayrose and Peter Brockhaus will share many of the ideas and technologies they use at their off-grid solar home in northern Wisconsin.

  • Question Everything

No belief can be taken for granted in one’s quest to be fully authentic and authentically free.

All events will be held on the Silver Lake College campus located at 2406 S. Alverno Road in Manitowoc.  A complete listing of events is available at www.sl.edu. For more information about Alumni Weekend, or to register for an event, please contact Rachel Gretzinger at 920-686-6280.

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